Activities around campsite

Around Chaulet Village Campsite: Holidays packed with a diverse range of sporting activities.

Ideally situated between the Cévennes and the Ardèche Gorges, Chaulet Village campsite gives every individual the opportunity to get involved in a range of sporting activities. This is a break for all holiday-goers looking for a little bit more than just the time to relax and unwind. If requested, Nicolas will have a lot more information at hand to provide you with regarding the holiday.

Water Activities at Campsite Chaulet-Village

Water bound activities at Chaulet Village Campsite

Swimming, fishing, and water excursions – take part in activities such as canoeing, kayaking, rando-rafting (a mix of both hiking and water rafting) or even paddling…

Water activities
Land activities from our campsite Ardèche

Land-based activities situated perfectly near our Ardèche campsite

Take part in a diverse range of activities: From hiking, horse riding and motorsports, to riding quad bikes and buggies, rock climbing, canyoning, as well as potholing(caving) and taking on a treetop adventure park…

Land-based activities
Discovering the Ardèche, an air of the south

Discover Ardèche – get a feel for what it is really like in the south of France

Take a look at The Grotte Chauvet 2, as well as other places such as castles, villages and markets that are situated in the region of Ardèche…

Discovering Ardèche
On the Nature side, immerse yourself in the Ardèche natural heritage

Uncover nature – take a plunge into the natural heritage of Ardèche

Discover a list of natural heritage sites: The Ardèche Gorges; a variety of natural caves; Chassezac Gorges, as well as Mount Lozère and the Cévennes National Park…

The heritage of Ardèche