Land-based activities at our Ardèche campsite

Exploring the Natural Terrain in Ardèche

Hiking in the heart of Ardèche nature

Hiking in the heart of the Ardèche region – surrounded fully in nature.

Discover a harmonious mix of forests and terrain made from mineral limestone that sparkles in the sun; the southern region of Ardèche is the perfect place for hikes as well as for biking and mountain biking (bike tours). Just next to our Ardèche campsite will be the opportunity to go on several beautiful outings, surrounded fully in nature.

The “Capitelles Trail” starts from the Chaulet Village campsite and can be done on foot or by bike. Less than 10 minutes away from the campsite are other well-known paths such as the Grotte du Renard trail, the circuit of the Presqu’ile de Casteljau and the splendid paths of Bois de Païolive (Paiolive wood).

With our campsite being just next to the forest, this wood is in fact easily accessible – offering both small and easy journeys of a duration around 1 hour 40 minutes, or alternatively much longer hikes lasting several hours.

It is the perfect occasion to immerse yourself in this large world of greenery, petrified rocks and majestic dolmens: guided visits even allow the most curious to discover a particularly rich and protected fauna and flora. For children, it is a beautiful way to introduce them to animal life, ecology and the biodiversity of nature.

Around our Ardèche(south) campsite, are a total of at least 20 hike routes offered by the tourist office – most of them being suitable for a family. Chaulet Village campsite guarantees you a holiday that is full of nature, in a wild and preserved Ardèche region.

Horseback riding around the campsite

Horse riding tours

For those of you who are enthusiastic about horse riding, you will find several equestrian centres that are situated close to us, one of them in particular being Combes – located just 5 minutes from our two-star campsite.

Most of the centres offer walks going through the Bois de Paiolive as well as horse rides, river trips and even horse riding/pony riding introductions for the little ones.

And even the older ones among us can treat themselves to one of the most romantic and fun-packed carriage rides.


Motorsports: Buggys Motorsports: Kartings

Those who are the thrill seekers among us will surely love discovering nature in a different way, by riding quad bikes or buggies – there are several rental companies outside of the campsite who offer their services to be able to do this!

Ardèche Loisirs Mécanique, is a nearby rental service and is considered to be the largest motorsport park in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (activities include karting, quad biking, buggies, paint-balling, motorcycling, etc.). This is one of the much-preferred places for the younger people staying with us!


For those who love to do climbing and bouldering (free climbing), the climbing site situated at Chaulet offers one of the most beautiful places to do climbing in the southern region of Ardèche. This unique place, known and recognised by experts and specialists, makes our campsite a true climbing home for our mountain and rock enthusiasts.

There are several routes composed of all different levels (3 to 8 a) starting at the foot of the river, allowing you even once the climb is finished, to cool down in the revitalising water.

The most courageous will also be able to go on a day of magnificent climbing at the Grotte Obscure (the Obscure Cave); said again by professionals to be the “Adventure of the Lost Ark.” We have an entire program just for you!

This exceptional setting, accompanied with its rich landscapes at the foot of the Ardèche Gorges, will not cease to amaze you.

Climbing at chaulet village campsite Canyoning and caving near the campsite

For those who are more interested in canyoning in the Chassezac as well as doing other activities such as potholing, climbing, via corda and other «adrenaline» sports that offer similar experiences, the company Explo (around 10 minutes from the campsite) offers a highly professional service and very high-quality support for all your ventures.

And don’t worry – the less adventurous will still be able to fall back on treetop climbing courses – several of them being available in the region of Ardèche.

Climbing at chaulet village campsite Climbing near the campsite